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Old medicine cabinet has slot for used razor blades that just ... We renovated our old bathroom, including moving the wall back to make more room. Found hundreds of razor blades between the walls. Through the Looking-Glass With a Safety Razor - TIME Apr 26, 2001 ... In the back of old medicine cabinets, you may still see the little mail slot — blackened with rust at the ... When I was a child the blade slot fascinated me. ... you emerged from the bathroom looking as if you'd been in a knife fight. ... as if used boxers and used blades alike would spin in black space forever. Maggard Razors Blade Bank Used Blades Lifetime Wall Slot ... Years ago, medicine cabinets would have a slot cut in the back of them for used razor blades. You'd knock a hole in your wall, install your medicine cabinet over ...

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So I created a disposal slot like I remember seeing my dad use some 50 years ago. There was a slot in the back of the medicine cabinet that he put the used blades in when disposing double edge razor blades. Medicine cabinet modification for disposing double edge razor blades. My project took me about 15 minutes to complete. The House: Medicine cabinet Long ago, when I owned a different house, my dad once told me that the little slot in the backs of these medicine cabinets was for the disposal of razor blades. You'd use the blade until it was too dull, but that left it too sharp for safe disposal, so you would just push it through the slot and it would fall down into the wall. medicine cabinet with razor blade slot - medicine cabinet with razor blade slot. Printable View. Show 40 post(s) from this thread on one page ... I had a friend that had a little pyramid that was approx 8 inches tall and when his shaving blade would dull he would put it in the pyramid and he claimed he could shave again with it the net day and it would be fairly sharp. ... I still use ... Safety Razor Safety: Disposing of Old Blades | Man Over Bored Any choice you might have, if you live in an older home, is a razor blade disposal slot. While no longer in style, some older homes included a small slot in the medicine cabinet for used razor blades to be disposed of. It opened into the empty space of your wall, and since the blades are so thin it might take years or decades to fill.

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Old time medicine cabinets had a slot in the back for used razor blades. ( submitted 4 ... The upstairs bathroom medicine cabinet/mirror has one of these slots. There's a little storage area behind that wall (my husband calls it a troll door) and they fall in there. ... razor blades were basically single use. As soon as they got wet ... Why Are There Razor Blades In My Walls? - YouTube At the back of the medicine cabinet was a tiny slot for disposing of use shaving razors. But the slot was actually nothing more than a hole in the wall. ... dirty used razor blades would pile up ... Maggard Razors Blade Bank Used Blades Lifetime Wall Slot ... This is a simple, efficient solution to the sometimes annoying problem of safe disposal of old blades. We decided to come up with a way to add a slot to your bathroom wall so worrying about used blades is a thing of the past, and add a great conversation piece to your bathroom! INCLUDES: